Research And Communication

Do you think it’s possible to encourage creativity where the front when it comes here I think you can there are some really good problems that people come up internally most of them are either booties Broadcom like be good because it encourages our concerns but also any makes the students feel overwhelmed I gotta study you know how I can even start. Find out more about communication in context of research on Edusson.

I actually address that a little bit in this outline which was not a requirement on the first page I gave I gave examples of I was very very broad front right his is what’s one from either one two three or four that you kind of aforementioned as a broad Punk but is still useful for encouraging you can still occur straight I wonder three aside the paper exploring had the development of the technology of communication affects the behavior of religious final nervousness I just came up I mean I just came up the time I had when I was making this list but it’s obviously what’s the most broad question you can ask or try to answer the research and by most broadening the worst and most difficult to answer one that we require most network that would be the most opportune I guess would be does the development of Technology effect with the behavior of my Master’s so it implies that you have an answer in mind right but as a private scary thing for prompts writes who think that there’s something that they’re supposed to say so you’re right Liz they’re prompt a prompt will make reading a prompted trying to respond to the crimes you’re trying you are trying to answer it in its own terms as opposed to being creative and I said all of this I’m also in the reading program and now I find that the students in the in the first year core they’re not doing research papers but they’re still getting prompts and it’s a similar sort of problem we’re seeing questions are trying to page.

Sometimes they’ll need three or four questions in the palm because it will be you know exploring different elements of character era traits but then a lot of little thing I need to now answer all these questions and once I’ve done that I’ve completed the assignment right I turning the project or problem attracting time I’ve tried to speed like that so let’s put it we’re going to put a sticky on on that idea how do we make it prompt we will get back to it at the end making a prompt that is Curtis creativity these are just some other ones students often formulate research questions that are too large in scope I guess we already we already discussed this how can I start yourself students formulate questions that’s super like them exciting please do take their questions where I guess this we already sort of talked about this the price is for our blog questions what in my opinion and this is something that I want to address the best way to to address this problem is the students.

Paraphrasing The Author

From paraphrase we could just reword with the author sing so I can take all kinds of pieces I audience so I’m going to take this piece evidence right here always talk about non-hispanic Americans being scared to eat the topper because it’s too spicy and I’m also going to take this piece of evidence down here where it talks about how even those of critics agree the tacos are an American favorite just like before going back to my outline I’m going to cite this and we’re going to say that came from Tarsus on newport arches and now I’m thinking of ways I can put this in my own words so this time here i’m going to put most Americans where we’re scared of the top after Bell Americanized it it is an American it is not a very favorite of course when you write this into a paragraph. See more articles on rewording at Edusson.

We constantly look for ways to reward sentences this is one of Imperial probably your word but that’s good enough for now just the point of an outline is to get our basic ideas so just like before we’re looking at for explanation we’re trying to figure out when we explain this and again this is one of these were all kind of using my background experience what happens around my type of family things and I’m going to put in fact many American parties traditionally serve some type of Mexican food now i’m ready for my second topic sentence and remember of topic said this comes from our previous i’m going to go back to my preview and it looks like my next topic sentence going to be food should be Americanized because it introduces us to new cultures I’m ready for evidence that means i need to go back to the article and prove that food need to be Americanized because it introduces us to new cultures when i go to marikas there’s a sentence in our second article that stands out to me for talks about the foods we associate with immigrant this right here just actor actually goes right here and it talks about how foods will be associated with American like foreign food are actually usually changed from the original technical words.

Now before I go back to my outline I need to figure out who wrote this article this we have this is a different article and be beside it so up top with Rachel swarms wrote this article so what I do go back to outline I’m going to start out by arthritis Wars and then I’m going to paraphrase it so the curtain old words i’m going to put food we think that’s porn is often different from the original now my job is seeing according to explain what I mean by that how does this how does this here prove that food should be Americanized because it introduces us to be cultures again this is one of my experiences I’m going to put it on this is evidence we’re going to an authentic mexican restaurant Bruce is going to tackle that versus going to an Americanized mexican restaurant like taco bell and back to looking for more evidence.