4 Fastest Ways to Develop Extreme Fitness that Will Blow Away All of Your Friends

Extreme fitness is defined (by me!) as fitness that is beyond the expert level. It is like a professional athlete or a warrior in the old days – they go above and beyond what even advanced traners expect of themselves.

This type of training is brutal. It is the type of training that makes you sweat and brings you to tears. It is the type of training that leaves you sore for the rest of the week.

This is the type of running drill I am talking about and it is only with these drills that you will develop extreme fitness.

1. Distance sprints

Distance sprints are based on the idea of running for your life. They are done as if you were under pressure and had to run as fast as you can for as long as you can. It is intense and gut wrenching.

A good way to do this is go to your local oval and do a long warm up. Once you are ready sprint off around the track as if you were running from a crazed murderer. Imagine that if you stop he will catch you and cut off your ears! You should try to maintain the sprint as long as you can without slowing down at all. This is one way to develop extreme fitness.

2. Hill sprinting

If you can run up a steep hill at your fastest pace without slowing down then you have extreme levels of fitness. This is the hardest form of cardio in the world, bar nothing. I honestly believe that this is the fastest way to develop fitness that will blow away all of your friends.

Find a steep hill and do a big warm up. Proceed to sprint up the hill as fast as you can without stopping. Once you get to the top walk back down and as soon as you hit the bottom run up it again. Imagine you are chasing to save a loved one or reach your life’s goal at the top. If you use mental aids like this you will proceed much faster.

You can also add a backpack full of weight to make this exercise even more intense.

3. The beep test

If you have done high school physical education you will have done this annoying test. In high school I hated it. Now I still hate it. However, I know it can bring some amazing benefits so I put up with it.

The beep test is an audio tape that you play while you run between two markers. You have to time yourself so that you touch a marker when the beep sounds. As time goes on the beeps get faster and faster and faster and it becomes so much harder to keep up. It is a perfect system for making sure your fitness improves each time you do it.

You do not have to own a beep tape to do this test. You just need to set up two points about 10 metres away and sprint in between them making sure you go faster each time instead of slowing down.

4. 20 second dashes

This is something my friend and I used to do in college. We would go to the park and after a long warm up spend about 10 minutes doing 20 second dashes. It goes like this.

You are going to use 15 seconds of the 20 seconds to sprint and then 5 seconds to rest. You do not get any more or any less and you have to keep this up for as long as you can.

If you do this once a week your fitness levels will go through the roof. It sounds simple on paper but it really is one of the most difficult drills I have ever done.


Try one of these drills once a week for a month and see what happens to your fitness levels. After a while start increasing how often you do them and how long you do them for. These are some of the best methods for developing extreme fitness.