10 Things You Should Never Do at the Gym

When you are at the gym there are certain unspoken rules. In this article I want to take a quick look at some things you should never do at the gym.

10 Things you should never do at the gym

Next time you are working out at the gym try to remember these little gems.

1. Never leave the bench sweaty
So many times I get on the bench only to find it wasn’t wiped down properly. Most gyms have a rule that you have to carry a towel but the towel doesn’t work if you don’t use it. Make sure you wipe down everything after you use it.

2. Never use weights without warming up
Hitting the weights without warming up is one of the biggest noob mistakes you can make. You will injure yourself and have a lot worse a workout as your muscles will not be sufficiently pumped. Make sure you warm up with light weights or at least some cardio.

3. Never talk to me while I’m lifting
I really don’t like it when people come over to me and chat while I am trying to hold the weight of a car over my head. It is dangerous! Any other time I am happy to have a chat, just not when I am lifting. Wait until the set is over then come say hi.

4. Never hog a machine
The gym is busy enough as it is without selfish loners hogging the best equipment. If you aren’t using it then stand the hell up and make room for someone else to come in. There is nothing wrong with sharing a machine while you take your rest.

5. Never let the staff muck you around
The staff at gyms have a reputation for being lazy. They sit behind the entrance desk all day and do nothing. All they do is scan your tag and take your name. They are bored. And they like to use that laziness to annoy the gym members.

A good example would be when it was 45 degrees celcius in my home town last summer and the girls behind the desk turned the gym air conditioning off because they were cold sitting there! What about the rest of us?!

You pay a lot of money for that membership so make sure you are getting what you pay for.

6. Never shower without thongs on
Many different kinds of people go to the gym. Young people, old people, people with infections. Make sure you use thongs when you take a shower otherwise you might find you have a nice new wart or tinnea.

7. Never get off the treadmill while its still moving
Treadmills are usually in high demand at the gym. For this reason people try to get off them as soon as they can to make room for the person waiting. However, do not get off the treadmill until it has come to a complete stop. I have seen some pretty nasty (funny) accidents where people get onto a treadmill without realizing that it is still slowing down. Trip. Headache.

8. Never workout without a drink
It is really important to take water or some drink with you to the gym. The machines are very effective and often leave you feeling light headed and exhausted. This can be amplified if you don’t have a drink with you as you dehydrate very fast.

9. Never stare at the hot girl
We all like to take a peek at the girl with the smokin’ body but you really shouldn’t look for too long. Why? Because 9 times out of 10 her boyfriend is on the machine right next to you. Those hot gym girls always have boyfriends.

10. Turn your friggin mobile off
“Hey! Johnny! Wassup man? Yeah that girl was so hot man! Yeah I know.” We have all heard the dude on the phone talking super loud like this. He thinks no one else is around. Well dude – there are other people around so shut up and turn it off.