8 of the Worst Foods for Your Health: How Many Have You Eaten This Week?

There are some foods that you really should never eat. They have a negative effect on your body and can lead to health problems, weight gain or even disease.

The question is: how many have you eaten this week?

1. French Fries
These deep fried treats are the favorite of many. They taste damn good but are one of the worst things you can put in your body. They have too much salt, saturated fat and many times trans fat. Too many of these and you will make yourself sick.

2. Meat
This is going to cause some debate, I can see it now. However, there is evidence to show that too much meat has a bad effect on the body. It has also been shown that if you eat meat everyday you are more likely to get cancer than if you lived on a vegetarian diet. Meat now-a-days has a lot of added hormones and chemicals that are used to make the animal grow faster so production can increase. It is not good for you at all.

The world has such a dependence on meat and it has become unhealthy. Many people eat meat three times a day and this is too much for the human body.

3. Coke
Coke is, for a lot of people, like water. However, it is high in sugar, sodium and is very bad for you. It causes a massive sugar rush and as such your body’s insulin levels get screwed around.

4. Doughnuts
Have you ever thought about how a doughnut is made? It is basically sugar mixed with flour, fried in saturated fats and then sprinkled with more sugar! Far out. This is one food that really shouldn’t even be eaten as a treat and yet we see people (especially in the USA) eating them on a daily basis.

5. Deli meat
While I am not big on any meat the meats that you buy at the deli are particularly bad. They have been sitting in that cooled cabinet for a long time and are laced with preservatives and other additives. I always laugh when bodybuilders tell me they get their lunchtime protein by having a sandwich with some compound turkey. That stuff is sugary and very bad for your health.

6. Chinese food
I love Chinese food. It is my favorite. However, you have to find that right place to eat it. Usually it is full of MSG and other dodgy substances. Usually the places that cook it in five minutes and pack it into a little box are pretty bad. Try to find a traditional place that is run by a small family. Generally they cook according to the family custom and this is much better for you.

7. KFC
If you made a promise to pick one fast food joint to never visit again it should be KFC. The chicken is terribly bad for your body. They chickens are given hormones and raised in terrible conditions. Most of the food is fried in fat and served with salt and other spices we don’t know the origin of. After all, they are secret! Don’t get me started on the mashed “potato”.

8. Beer
How many beers do you have per week? Beer is basically empty calories with carbs. Not good for weight control. However, the process that your body uses to get rid of the beer also can cause some problems.